The Demos (Digital Purchase)




The Demos (Digital Purchase)

WAV with cover inside.

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Track List:

  1. To Beyond – First Demo
  2. Overture – Drum Demo
  3. A New Day – First Demo
  4. World Of Men – Drum Demo
  5. Lies and Mirrors – Original Idea 2003
  6. Lies And Mirrors – Drum Demo
  7. The Bridge – First Demo
  8. The Bridge – Early Mix

Total time: 01:00:30


A deep look to the Album Debut. “First Demo” its the exacly version that Jeff sent to Alex for the very first time. “Drum Demo” is Alex work in progress. Also, the original idea from “Lies and Mirrors”, an old song from 2003. Finaly, an Early Mix from prog epic “The Bridge”, with different vocals.


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