The Debut Album (Digital Purchase)

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The Debut Album (Digital Purchase)

Format Mp3 320 and WAV with covers inside.

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Track List:

  1. To Beyond 03:36
  2. Overture 1 05:26
  3. A New Day 06:16
  4. South Wind 01:44
  5. World of Men (plus Reflexion) 06:37
  6. Lies and Mirrors 04:16
  7. The Bridge 17:02
    • The Light
    • The Fight
    • The Night
    • The Conclusion

Total time: 45:01


The Album Debut entire concept album composed and written by Jeff, arranged by Alex. Mix by Jeff, Mastering in Overdrive Studios, Santiago de Chile. Additional vocals on World of Men by Alex. Bass on Overture 1 by Luis. Solo on Lies and Mirrors by Francisco. Original solo idea on Reflexion by Sergio Quintana. Cover and design by Fernando Gonzalez, original idea from Alex.

1 review for The Debut Album (Digital Purchase)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pete Devine

    The Album Debut by The Bridge is a concept album with a serious message. A message about masks and freedom, a message about the dangers of conforming to corporate greed. It is an album that returns you to its theme again and again. It is the type of album that only takes a couple of plays to ‘get’ and yet, you still learn something new on each and every play.
    The album begins with the gentle ebb and flow of the tide on the track “To Beyond”. Melodic acoustic guitar and soothing vocals ease us to a harder more demanding Spanish guitar. The music starts to envelop you as the mood changes to a more sinister urgency as we are attacked by the brilliant instrumental, “Overture 1” This is where we are first introduced to the theme of the album as it thunders through what will become a familiar rocking sound. The band show their class as players here.
    “A New Day” refreshes the album with its catchy chorus and acoustically driven beginning. This track sounds amazing loud as bass, drums and guitar bleed into each other majestically. “A New Day” goes exactly where you want it to as the serene piano comes in just before the guitar solo and then it’s back to that great chorus.
    The atmospheric “South Wind” with its marching drums and haunting guitars provide a bridge to the brilliant first single release, the hard hitting “World of Men” played in all its entirety. Containing the rocking melody first heard in “Overture 1”. “World of Men (plus Reflexion)” sounds much more menacing here as part of the concept. The track’s closing section lulls you into a false sense of security as “Lies and Mirrors” grabs you from the opening chords. Yet again this track rocks, the playing is awesome and the whole band seem to hit you in the face.
    We are now met with “The Bridge” 17 minutes that will blow your mind. Part one is the moving “The Light” beautifully played as it has us asking the question “Who am I”. Part Two “The Fight thumps its way into the heaviest part of this album and really delivers in terms of ‘rock’. Close your eyes and you become part of “The Fight”. “The Night” takes rock to a new level as it demands to be listened to. The track is completed by “The Conclusion” acoustic guitars again play and we are now reflecting on possibly our mistakes but where can we go from here? The song hits the high energy again as we find ‘The answer’, the realisation that you have to ditch the mask, take that leap and be yourself, be the real you, the better you. “The Bridge” builds and builds as we go from segment to segment, the playing has to be heard to believe, it is that good.
    Chilean prog rockers, The Bridge have truly succeeded in bringing out a brilliant album. It has elements of Rush, Dream Theater, Kansas and even Peter Frampton. It is intelligent music well written, expertly played and thoughtfully. I really do hope you hear this record, if you like to hear great playing and songs with true meaning then you will love this album…….I know I did.
    Pete Devine Feb 2017 Pete’s Rock News and Views

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